Yea I call myself that you see

Whitecell, Davy



10-15-19 Crazy Davy Whitecell Yes I call myself that you see I’m self made you all know about the Millionaire’s Clubs the top 1% club well wait what about the King. It’s late I’m alone in my cell only cause I wore my cellie out today on the yard talking yea I talk a lot of sh*t but my Pops always told me, "Don’t ever spit out a check with your mouth that your ass isn’t willing to cash", so as I sit and write this late in the evening, I know it’s 3 o’clock somewhere I know it’s daylight on the other side of the Earth, so why is everyone so stressed out why are these sickos, the Doctors, always trying to heal me? I’m not ill? Or am I? What do I suffer from a language barrier, or was I just labelled a criminal and a psychopath and thrown away at 52 to spend the next 21 years in prison for my mental breakdown. Well if you wish to call flipping someone off a major crime, you see today I received my appeal from my attorney appointed by the state. Seems the lawyer didn’t find any points of appealable law and sent the whole 2 books’ worth of transcripts to the court to let the appellate court decide for itself. Well that’s good cause it’s like old movie star Mel Brooks said in History of the World Part II: "It’s good to be the King". Funny how God works, it’s like I could sit here and go into all this quoting of scripture and the Bible said this and the good news is that. But the truth, heart the spirit of God, the natural man, does not nor will not ever understand that is enough said as we sit back and watch the state of our country fall into civil war. It’s crazy how so many people just stand around like there’s nothing left to do. They are in a men’s Maximum Security State Prison and most on this yard or "snake pit" are labelled with a designation of E.O.P. enhanced outpatients. It’s like if you’re mentally ill but you could be one or the other, just coming in or on your way out. It’s funny if you try to make sense of it all, you kinda have to be well versed, ‘cause if you’re not on the ball, these people are very penny wise and vindictive. They will use taxpayer money to the extreme to intimidate you with paperwork to keep the truth from rearing its ugly head, well we in prison know that corruption exist and although not everyone is a Gangster nor a Pig etc. Some men as well can be very pleasant to be in contact with others well let’s just say I try to avoid at all costs. It’s laughable how some will call me a j-cat. That in California is meant as an insult in the Mental Health world in prison, when you size up most men. That’s the kettle calling the pot black, so to speak. I’d get to more of the prison conditions here at hand but this is a little slice of heaven carved out for me. I’m not one to brag but I’m famous! You all may not know me but God does! That makes me a double threat when you throw in my conceit and my good looks "wink, wink" after all the fights and stitches and scars, I guess they add character to my face. Well a little bit of humility at this point would be fair, I will say this today was a wonderful day. First off I woke up + had made it another night. So I got up and read. I am and was grateful today for all that even in prison I have, from running water to soap. I don’t have anything entertainment-wise like a t.v. That was stolen by the Correctional Staff at Los Angeles County prison. I don’t know if I can say that. If you all want the truth I would give some names but I know talking about someone in the first person when they are not present only leads to hearsay yet it is good enough to convict us as prisoners. As far as the burden of proof always lands on us to prove our innocence once charged with a rules violation so if someone has a bad day like their party or BBQ didn’t go well on the weekend, say said people had one too many. Well we know if you know as a man in Long Term Recovery that as an addict or a man with an illness, it can never be cured. It can however be arrested and you may begin to recover once you give yourself a break in a place such as prison. Men and their bad behavior is encouraged since more now than ever it creates job security for those employed in this penal system since a guard or staff member are all union employees from the state, and don’t you know once you are in this system it becomes harder and harder to escape everyday life on prison life terms. A prisoner is here seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. Okay yea, if you are quite guilty of your crime, a Real Man fesses up and receives his punishment, yet if you don’t even throw yourself on the mercy of the court at least where do you stand with God? Well I ask myself I’m not perfect either yet I understand the world is sick, so as a man of God a peacemaker people profess they wish peace, yet I said peacemaker. I work diligently daily with my hands and use them for the talent that my Lord has blessed me with. I could make lots of things. I’ve been a creator my whole life. When I was a young man, I had a soldier’s attitude and a warrior’s heart, today I’m still a soldier’s warrior, a real man, a peaceful warrior. All the day long I find myself I’m in search of ? Anything and everything to create to be that person, the one, a one a single a man once with the Maker of the Universe, the Almighty God wishes me as a man to be like Him. Therefore, how can I say I respect someone or something when even my God professes "God is NO respecter of persons". Oh yea people run around to and fro here and there lording over each other with their authority. If you give anyone free reign soon rather than later, autocracy becomes their main focus. Because they have a mental break for whenever God is not given credit. For everything you if aware will began to see the exact nature of said individual and their debased mindset a sick world you can’t have sick people trying to nurse back to health sick people as I try to figure out why I must be subjected to being taught or re-educated how to live, when it was all taught to me in my youth. Evil Knievel, Elvis Presley, Willy and the Boys, Outlaw Country Keep on Trucking, Mama Tried, Johnny Cash etc. Music, art, history and lets not forget war. Yea it at this point in life when most are talking about Semi-Retirement or settling down. It seems the pace is picking up for me. My pain from the public humiliation, the false accusations, the lies and rumors told the old story that goes, "if I had a dime for every time someone said something about me, I’d be a Rich man". Well, it would depend on how your perceive wealth. I have read a prince sometimes walks while the slave rides the horse; all these mantras, all these sayings, all these things keep me going day to day. I read a disclosure form yesterday it had a financial and personal history and assets etc. Everything was marked unknown except last known residence: it had said, none! The final eraser was my social security number. It had been captured in open court in of all places the desert of Los Angeles California, read by the D.A. In open court and now part of the record. The reason I figure unlike the President of the United States of America and the House and Congress wanting Mr. Trump’s tax returns, I’m all in like poker even if gambling is for fools. If I hold the Trump card I might just be yea crazy be the best, be all I can be. I will be the guy, the one everyone points their finger at! Like a bad quote from a good cult movie "everyone has to have a bad guy" Someone to point their finger at! There’s the bad guy, but just remember, 35 years or more ago I was a very good artist. I turned down Hollywood. My God was more important to me. I did make the wrong choice! I have never wavered in my Faith for the Good Lord, my God, my country, hard core just like Jesus, a perfect example of a man led off to die by liars. We call them in today’s world, ‘testifiers’, willing to go to court to cover each others’ lies and mistreatments of the prisoners. The corruptable, the corrupt. Those are the ones. The ones that are falling. The ones that their integrity is in line with future events that must soon take place, like a house of cards blown down in the wind. I wait, I am patient. My life it is now, as always, in the Hand of the Almighty God. I go nowhere, I do nothing without first consulting with my God, to say where I’ll be tomorrow. I make no plans. My defense, my gifts from God, common sense, also my name is common. My service is exceptional. I see so many wounds unhealed and so much pain everywhere I turn. It’s a zombie movie in live action or real time. I’m stuck in a nightmare and can’t wake up. I’m not in Hell, I’m just surrounded by everything. I’m not about yet subjected to. It seems like a human zoo. The prison guards zookeepers, the mental and medical staff veterinarians. This is my world, a chemical war, spiritual warfare, mental illness, a pond. I wait for the still of the night for silence to be able to have some peace. My joy if I wake will come once again in the morning. I’ll see another sunrise that is one of God’s only promises to this warrior. Oh yea and flowers every spring. But onto the skills to pay the bills being wasted a product of my environment, my rights stripped from me, my service to my country a thanks in the mail from my son on Father’s Day, a few simple words and a picture at Snake River, a camo Ferrari and a Key Pod in his hand. Card simply read no regrets love bird’. Wow, works for Amazon, must be nice to be a nerd. Son, I cry just like now. He’ll be 28 soon yet the chair was broken. I was a computer idiot. Now I pay "for where Angel dare treads". Fools live happy just to eat a extra Snickerdoodle state fucking cookie and watch Curious George like their brain is growing in reverse subjugated to chemical castration. Some the zombies, there’s no or not enough brains left for them to eat. They complain and stumble from light of day [Illegible] the call of lockup always hungry never satisfied now matter how much they eat the medication it’s all bad: The mental health system a complete failure, yesterday’s "Real News" 4000 homeless mentally ill on the street in San Francisco, what are they going to do? Start filling the county jails? It’s at crisis level. The opioid drugs and fentanyl have caused an upheaval. Even in the underworld, no one is safe. Complete obedience and abstinence is the only way to keep from being condemned with some kind of virus in this place, those foolish enough to keep on in old behavior, well the result is the same. Jails, institutions, and finally death. Those that died at the prisons of overdoses and hot shots cause they were out of sync with the social structure of their class or race. They were running and finally got caught up and their number pulled. It’s laughable. I don’t mean to be mean. But I remember my brothers use to say about my Pops the Big Billy Badass Hell’s Angel from Fort Campbell (KT) U.S. Army. A R M Y that’s why he gave you to us. Ain’t ready to be a MARINE yet! You see, my [Caryolas?] I’ve got a RAD set! Snipers For Christ proverbs 28:5 my team #1 rule #1: NEVER BROADCAST IN THE OPEN OR CLEAR UNLESS YOU WISH TO BE HEARD! 1977 soldier's guide to combat intel! ACE! My prayer card. No body! Blood type! Blood of Christ, nationality American. Race! Running it daily. RANK Captain United States NAVY (HO, VA) Chaplain’s office! Pray God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people we have to kill cause they piss us off. God Bless American Milk and Hunny! Poop Bear! R.I.P. Walt D. 1820 USN Davy

Author: Whitecell, Davy

Author Location: California

Date: October 15, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 8 pages

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