You can

Wheeler, Rayvon



#1 You Can You can: Hate on me by not writing me, not put'n' money on your phone to talk to me, the fact still remain we are blood their for we are family. You can: treat me bad talk about my past, speak on me like I should not be mad, deal with life like it don't make you sad, the fact still remain we are family. You can: 2 step on the issue's make stuff up be cuz of your miscues, act like I don't mean anything to you, what you did to me was real and true like the family values that your mom and dad instealed in you don't mean anything to you, the fact still remain we are family, and that want change. You can: tell yourself what ever you like, treat me like we had a bad fight, like you don't understand good or bad, are you treat me like I want all you have, the fact still remain we are family and that want change, You can: treat your friends better then you treat me, act like you don't mean nothing to me, like I'am a person you never want to see. Understand none of that mean a thing to me Over #2 becuz I'am going to be the man my <mom>; and <dad> wanted me to be, you all the lack of stuff <you> aint do for me i.e. send me photo's, and incorriging note's with love, and hope. The fact still remain we are family. You can: tell your self you don't have to help, a family member that has always been left behind becuz people have left out side, no matter what you say we are family. You can: do you, act the way you want to, thats your right I ain't the kinda man that will put up a fight. I just keep it real, and shine real bright, and act the end of the night when I pray I shall resight we are family, and anything bad I feel about want be right, we are blood and that should be tight. You can: do you, that's your right, becuz I know you really don't like me, base on the way <you>'ve treated me, Let's keep it real you don't owe me shit, but the fact we are family makes me sick, when I was close to death you ain't did shit, cuz you did not know nothing Over #3 about it becuz when I tried to reach out to <you> to tell <you> this 1) I did not know where you live, 2) you told people don't tell me where you lived, so ask yourself how that makes me feel. We are family so I will chill. You can: get mad, treat me like we never had any kinda relationship in our pass, we ain't spoke in <13 1/2> years so you feel that's sad, becuz I don't feel you never kept it real, it was a front, in Hollywood they would call it a stunt. You can: shame me blam me, but you, and I both know it ain't me, I treated you like you've treated me, it ain't my fault you refused to reach out to me, you are the one that is free. You can: fake like I'am trip'n', that you was really their for me, and you treated me the way I wanted to be treated, and now your happy to see me, but deep down you know you don't give a fuck about me. You can: You can: By Rayvon Wheeler

Author: Wheeler, Rayvon

Author Location: California

Date: February 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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