Your degree of understanding you receive from this essay will be equal to your degree of acceptance of what is given

Douglas, Lamont-O'shea



NO TITLE *Your degree of understanding you receive from this essay will be equal to your degree of acceptance of what is given *** 1 Thessalonians 4:4-6 4 that each one of you should know how to get possession of his own vessel in sanctification and honor, (A.K.A personal responsibility) 5 Not in covetous sexual appetite such as also those nations have which do not know Jehovah; 6 that no one go to the point of harming and encroaching upon the rights of his brother in this matter, because Jehovah is one who exacts punishment for all these things... New World Translation of the Holy Sciptures The purpose of this essay is to show the deep perverted sexual energy connections rooted in our so called justice system. It is undisputed fact that Jehovah is the punisher of all sins (1 Thes. 4:6 supra) with this being the foundation to build from we know man is not qualified to punish & judge man. (Eccl. has dominate man to his injury) Yet he has created a semblance of authority by mimicking Jehovah's commandments. Creating crimes out of sins. Claiming "In God We Trust" to validate his semblance of authority. With this imaginary construct of crimes comes: Labels. Positive labels: good guys, upper echelon, law enforcer, cops, civil society, debutante, law abiding, master. Negative labels: evil doer, bad guy, low life, criminal, robbers, anti-social, delinquent, transgressor, slave. These imaginary labels provide the impetus, the moving force behind the (bondage & discipline; master/slave) game called justice. Anytime we define and separate ourselves we are using sexual energy. This sexual energy goes by the name survival (the red ray energy) we start to think in terms of benefits vs. losses, pluses vs. minuses, positive vs. negative, masculine vs. feminine, good vs. bad. (It should be noted that the word sex or sexual is derived from: section or division). Jehovah has made up the (divided) attractive powers between radiate and receptive forces and the whole universe is built on this concept. This is the source of all power in the manifested world, nature uses it and projected it into the body; it is the basis of sexual/survival energy. These labels also imply the relationships (role play) amongst the actors in the (bondage and discipline) game of justice. These labels serve the purpose of the master/sadist to achieve credulous in the game. He has convinced the group/society of the benefit in letting him enforce the rules/criminal laws (A.K.A sins) and administer punishment in the form of detention, physical abuse, or even execution. On the low life evil doer! Sexual gratification or self-gratification comes/cums as power over others. In the annals of bondage & discipline, sadism & masochism, control and domination is the goal, through the use of will to force someone to do your bidding and punish them if they do not. The joy of seeing someone do as you say. One motto of "Corrections" is: The goal is to break a prisoner's will. To resist by intense exposure to fear, shame, disorientation, exhaustion, and physical pressure. When I use corrections I mean Virginia Department of Corrections. The putting to death being the ultimate power over others! Two synonyms for control & domination is safety & security. When you control a person's area you will deem it safe; when you dominate the items or things these people can have you will deem it secure. Hhhhhmmmm!! Once the group/society is convinced by labels the benefit to all (the good guys & bad guys) they willingly agree, consent, and hand over large sums of cash to allow the sadist/master practice of kinky sex! This agreement falsely relieves the group of personal responsibility! This responsibility is to think and reason. It is kinky and perverted by definition; Webster's Unabridged dictionary defines pervert - #4. to lead into mental error or false judgement #5. to turn to an improper use, misapply #6. to misconstrue By role reversal man has perverted the correct use of sexual energy. By reversing the labels master as positive and slave as negative. The 13th Amendment holds this "neither slavery no involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime (A.K.A. sin) ...slave by implication is bad, negative, etc... The highest form of these two powers are love of others, positive slave of Jehovah, and love of self, negative master of the world. Jesus demonstrated love of others, Satan demonstrated love of self. As this metaphysical energy enters the physical world it is manifested as understanding & acceptance (positive) and control & domination (negative). The positive entity/individual gains love of self through control & domination. "Correct use" Every man has the right to survive (sex) given to him by Jehovah. Man thoroughly understand this! See: Declaration of Independence "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for assume among the powers of the earth, the seperate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them..." Man recognized in this document nothing absolutely nothing belongs to him. The word "assume" means to seize, to take! Take and seize implies not yours! Yet he claims everything as his for personal gain (selfishness). The enlighten man respects not what is another's property but what is not his! He may not know who's property it is so he does not touch or bother what is theirs. It's a hands off doctrine. It's not mine so I am not messing with it. As stated above, every man has the right to survive! One of the common characteristics of prison (bondage) is to suppress and oppress social affairs, social interaction, social intercourse. (Natural sex life and the development of natural survival skills). The natural instincts - self-determination, commerce, development of personal responsibility - when obstructed and frustrated will manifest itself in some form that is unproductive which leads to more sexual perversity in society and more naughty boys for the sadist/master to give attitude adjustments to. The pattern is repeated the more chaos the more the master has to control & domination others for their own good. For the betterment of society. (A.K.A. the more kinky sex for his own pleasure). Another unproductive form occurs when the thoroughly baffled slave/prisoner reverts to a syndrome called "consideration of self". This consideration of self is not love of self in the sense of negative power over others. But in the sense it's a stunt in mans natural desire to grow & develop personal responsibility (A.K.A. thinking and reasoning skills). Instead the slave/prisoner acts out his role conferred on him by the master in the (bondage & discipline) game called justice. Without out the desire to develop survival skills the slave/prisoner will never have free dominion to enlighten himself on appropriate (natural) sexual energy transfers, in societal activities. I will end this essay with this Harry Palmer describes an enlighten justice procedure in (Avatar Journal 14:4 2000) which does not deal with "punishment" (kinky sex) Jehovah said since he created man in his image only he has the right to punish man's sins. Although not specifically on topic (kinky sex) but relevant to pervert sexual/survival energy. The common consensus in the industrialize prison complex is that the prisoner/slave has now become the commodity. The commerce to be trafficked. No longer does he have the right to survive, (to live) no longer does he have the right to self-determination, no longer can he subject to another's will, another person's right to live. He is the commodity for trade, labor, and commerce. (trade to other prisons around the country, free prison labor for corporate profit, commerce in the cost he pays for food, phone calls, medical, etc. By his very presence housed at a prison he brings federal monies to the community surrounding the prison). In the book of Deuteronomy 24:6 the Bible counsels man about commerce: No one should seize a hand mill or it upper millstone as security for a loan (A.K.A. debt) for that would be taking someone's livelihood as security. Grinding cereal was so essential to a man's well being that to seize the millstone was tantamount to killing a man's ability to survive. 1 Thes. 4:5 Covetous sexual appetite's surrounds us. compiled and submitted by: Lamont Oshea..Douglas Notice! The Virginia Department of Corrections is administering: Bondage - keeping me in chains and Discipline - meting out punishment also known as kinky sex!

Author: Douglas, Lamont-O'shea

Author Location: Virginia

Date: February 2, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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