Your mother is a sex offender

Malesh, Dale



~Your Mother is a Sex Offender ~ By Dale Malesh We hold these truths to be self--evident. .. . A woman's place is in the home. . Blacks aren't intelligent to be Doctors, Lawyers or legislators. . All Irishman are drunks. . All Southerners are inbred. Not very many years ago, everyone knew these things to be true. The same kind of experts who told us that, the Earth is flat, and that the sun revolves around it. That only a Witch could survive being held underwater, or that Jews should wear the Star of David so we could "identify" them and thus insure the safety of our community. That it was ok to put Japanese-Americans in internment camps to keep us safe. And of course, All Muslims are terrorists. Things are different today... Our laws are based on empirical research. Our courts, the triers of fact and defenders of the constitution, base their decisions not on hysteria, but on fact... For an example, that sex offenders have a very high recidivism rate. Alas, this is no truer than the previous stereotypes and assumptions. Because like those assumptions, it is not based on real evidence. Instead, it was founded on a faulty, self-serving opinion like that put forth in the US Supreme Court case of Mc Kune v Lile, 122 S. Ct. 2017. That case cited an article from the National Institute of Corrections which referred to a 1988 article in the Psychology Today where only 2 therapists in a State Corrections sex offender treatment program stated, "Most untreated sex offenders released from prison go on to commit more offenses -- indeed, as many as 80% do." This faulty statistic was crafted with no academic research credentials or statistical training from a very narrow and limited patient sampling only to instill public fear. What is true and backed by real evidence is that according to the US Department of Justice, Bureau of Statistics, the recidivism of sex offenders released from prison in 1994; November 2003, NCJ 198281: . Child molesters re--arrest rate for new sex crimes against a child were 3.5%. . And all sex offenders re--arrest rate for a new sex crime against a child was 2.2%. . That sex offenders were less likely than non--sex offenders to be re-arrested for any offense. What is also true is: Karl Hanson, Solicitor General of Canada in his 2004 analysis examined recidivism risk factors of 95 studies which included 31,000 sex offenders with an average surveillance period of 5 years where he found that overall recidivism rate for a new sex crimes of 13.5%. Just so we don't get the mistaken idea that these statistics attest to the success of SORA, we should look at a New York City study titled, "Mayor's Committee Reports on the Study of Sex Offenses" which disclosed; . Most sex crimes are committed by first time offenders with no criminal history. . Sex offenders who have prior criminal records, are for non--sex crimes. . Police dept. records show that only 7% of those convicted of sex crimes were re-arrested on the same charge during the next 12 years. . That 59% of those convictions were youthful offenders between the ages of 16 and 30 yrs old. It should be noted that this study was published in 1944 as a 9 year analysis by police for sex crimes between the years 1930-1939. So what exactly is a sex offense?... We can all agree that forcible rape and child molestation are terrible acts, but what about some other crimes that can land someone in prison and on the registry? The mere touching of the breast, buttock or inner thigh Without permission. There is no distinction as to the sex of either the actor or recipient of the touching. Nor does the law say that this is permissible as long as the actor stopped when told to do so. Further, anyone who has stopped along the road because he/she could not make it to the rest stop to urinate has committed a sex crime. Should you walk, partially exposed, past a window of your own home and someone should see you... that person won't be charged with peeping, you have committed a sex crime. And why, one might ask is your mother a sex offender? If like many parents, she had a picture of you in your birthday suit and shared it with friends and family, she is guilty of manufacturing and distribution of child pornography. One would think it absurd that these examples would actually result in prosecution, but they can and do. Pursued by overzealous prosecutors and judges in an effort, not to serve justice, but rather to further their careers.

Author: Malesh, Dale

Author Location: No information

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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