Being mentally ill in prison and not knowing what is going on

Horton, Kemp



Arizona Being Mentally Ill in Prison and Not Knowing What is Going On A true story I was there—this guy was 2 cells down from me. Imagine you are sooo mental not there every time you poop you smear your poop all over your cell walls and floor and staff refuses to clean up your cell and leaves you in that cell 24-7-365—and makes you eat in your cell with poop all over the walls and your body—once a week or so you are forcibly removed from your cell and the cell sort of cleaned any you force showered then you are put back into the smelly cell and you poop and smear it all over yourself and walls—this goes on for a year or so then cops pull you out of your cell and beat the hell out of you and you have no clue what is going on or why you are getting beaten up… that is prison mental health care in Arizona—Tuscon—Arizona Mental ill are put into 24-7-365—lock down in a 9x7 cell with nothing in the cell except a bed mat and a toilet—if you are good they let you outside 3 times a week for one hour or so to stand around in 4x6 foot cage—if you are not good or not there enough to say you want to go outside you sit brain dead with no stimulation at all 24-7-365—so disgraceful but “normal” typical in prison Look up the lady that baked to death in a 3x3 foot holding cage she had third or first degree burns from laying on the ground. A one year sentence turned into a death sentence for her they gave her no water all day in 120 degree heat no shade at all typical Arizona state prison policy—refuse to provide evan the slightest of needed anything evan water Look up the guy at SMU-I Florence AZ that they let starve to death in his cell 2007 or 8 or so All cells and all areas need cameras so all can see the depraved abuse in prisons and jails especially the mental health solitary cells with nothing in them that poor not all there humans sit 24-7-365—with nothing to do A 10 month wait for glasses is “normal” at Arizona prisons

Author: Horton, Kemp

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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