Good day my name is Markus

Inesti, Mark



8/23/17 To whom it may concern, Good day my name is Markus. I'm a male prisoner with a severe mental illness that was convicted of a robbery first degree, weapon possession third degree, assault third degree and given a sentence of 20 to life in 2010. I have been in a number of psychiatric hospitals and was convicted by a judge who after hearing me talk on the phone with my girlfriend at the time almost one year after the alleged offense and mentally stable taking psychotropic medication, explain to her a pilates exercise, decided I was not mentally ill and gave me a 20 to life prison term prison term instead of civilly confining me to a psychiatric hospital to receive treatment. Now I'm part of a broken system that's doing very little to help the men/women boys/girls with severe mental illness (smi). They just put us on medication. Let it be noted my diagnosis still remains the same from the first time I received a mental health diagnosis. Schizoeffective Antisocial Personality disorder and impulsive disorder. But that judge didn't think I was crazy enough to receive medical mental health treatment. Now I'm in a (RMHU). I came into this place in 2016 with 90 days solitary confinement and have over 17 months confined in this (RMHU). I received over 28 misbehavior reports to keep me confined in a cell by myself for 20 hours a day until 2019. The other 4 hours I'm taken out of this cell and placed shackled to some restart chairs in a classroom. Inside my cell they have a 13 inch color T.V. that is off. The only way I can watch T.V. is if I meet a DOCC's milestone of positive group participation. Coming out my cell, being patted down, searched, shackled, and chained handcuffed behind my back for 120 consecutive days to reach level 3 and if DOCC's gives me a negative informational or disciplinary ticket I must start all over again. Let it be noted that patients are not to receive any misbehavior reports unless it's exceptional circumstances in accordance to correctional law 136 A and 401 (A) but still I received over 28 disciplinary tickets and a bunch of negative informational. I stare at a black T.V. screen all night long. After 2:30pm there is no more therapeutic treatment out or cell programing and on the weekend's we stay in our cells all 24 hours. Oh you are allowed outside in a rec pen connected to your cell individually. Alone with no peers or staff to talk to looking at a video camera watching you. Let it be noted that in order for me to go to outside therapeutic treatment inside of a dull gray painted room with restart chairs and a T.V. I asked them if they (OMH) can post inspirational posters or sayings, drawings, colors, painting, anything to make the classrooms more lively inspirational and therapeutic instead of dull/depressing/square room's (OMH) does not want to advocate for our therapeutic treatment because corr. DOCC's threatens harasses and bullies the (OMH) staff. We must put our sock's on the gates of our doors to participate in program daily. This is ridiculous and we must put our spoon's on the gate if we want our food. Why do they treat us like this. We are not allowed to clean our cell's three times a week as per minimum standards of SHU. We are only given a mop and toilet brush on Sunday's. They have mentally ill men that do not bath, shave, and play with feces, urine, and all type of evils. I pray that you guys help the patients in RMHU. OH check this out we are not allowed any crayon's or coloring books because DOCCS states we can alter our appearances with crayon's. Who the hell ever escaped DOCCS with a Crayola crayon?? Help!

Author: Inesti, Mark

Author Location: New York

Date: August 23, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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