Introduction into the mission of National Intelligence for African American Communities political party

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



Introduction into the Mission of National Intelligence for African American Communities Political Parties By: Honest Willie Worley Jr. If someone would had told me that on the day I was arrested (January 14, 2000) that on January 14, 2014 I would be launching a political party designed to help prisoners, ex-prisoners, misdemeanant prisoners learn their voting rights in the state of North Carolina, I would have thought you were insane. I couldn't have imagine me being able to pull it off. I was wrong. I have been blessed with the privilege of meeting brilliant individuals that helped me to realize my potential as a rational thinker and servant of the people. Mass-incarceration of African Americans is my main focused, as well as the "cause" and "effect" of targeting our communities. National Intelligence for African American Communities 3rd Party is a progeny Black Panther Party. When the Black Panther Party of the 60s and 70s where clandestinely manipulated by the ways of the world, they took a part of our communities with them that needs to be put back. So I revamped the name of the political party that belongs to all of us. History teaches that our Founder Dr. Huey P. Newton intended for the party to be recognized as an actual political party that addressed issues that effect all communities. Our Founder and Elders risk their lives during a time of mental and physical racist attacks. Still they moved onward in the African American Liberation Movement. The Black Panther Party once had a campaign that supported candidacies into public office in 1968. Huey P. Newton for Congress. Bobby Seale and Kathleen Cleaver for the two California Assembly seats in the East Bay. Eldridge Cleaver was to be the parties candidate for president. Dr. Newton knew politics was the foundation to change the structure of a racist America. I doubt if he would want us to give up on this part of his work that he started. My mother would not want me to give up on this part of Dr. Newton's work. Our work is the answer to the clarion call of the Honorable Black Panther Elders, Fredrika Newton, Elaine Brown, and David Hilliard. The prison chapter has disseminated over 34,000 promotional fliers for two Mecklenburg county candidates and two U.S. Candidates since January 14, 2014. Prisoners accomplished this dissemination project through family and friends. All candidates we supported prevailed during the May 2014 primaries. We will continue our dissemination into the November 2014 general elections. Politics effect everything and everybody in the United States. We must take part in the election process. African Americans are being led like sheep into the pastors of incarceration, and the insanities of mental deterioration tactics. I serve the people by bring intelligence to rebuild our communities. Oppression has taken on many faces in the U.S. So many that it is almost hard to distinguish who is the oppressor. Our mission is to stop oppression and reform the oppressors who are creating a dangerous environment with mental deterioration tactics, and propaganda. Our most powerful weapon in our arsenal is our ability to use rational thought as servants of the people. Some people doubt the success of my building a movement in the face of oppression. My reply to their doubt is, its not the movement in the face of oppression. It is the individuals ability to use rational thought and understand how to deal with oppressive situations. Panther Love Honest Willie

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 9 pages

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