Isolation causes one to fester in anger and resentment

Scott, Jovon



NO TITLE Jovon Scott Isolation causes one to fester in anger and resentment. It's an environment which teaches you to hate and be aggressive. You identify with the very hostile mechanics that lead you into isolation. Life within the confines of prison walls would never be understood by those who've never experienced the degree of solitude that drive most people insane. Your mental conditioning starts to get rewired and programmed on a frequency that only identify with the chaotic wave links and vibrations translated in a language, that only the disturbed speaks. Prison from a penological respect does more damage during your stay, than it does corrections. Prison breaks you and aid the very vulnerabilities that trap you in the mental asylum forged by the thoughts fashioned to escape the realms of the current reality. It plays puppet master to the thoughts used to more rational decisions guided by your moral compass. Your actions then become more vindictive and impulsively driven in regards to what's registered in your mind as ideal—a concise platform formulated for the constructive elements essential to your existence. My level of anger was more present throughout the years committed to I.D.O.C. than they had been growing up in the system. I was given specific instructions to assert myself in a fixed battle. I was predestined to fall victim to a set of circumstances so transparent that, the intricate visibility clouded the very judgment I thought would pull me into the throes of fortunate—successful endeavors on the conquest of knowledge of self. I lose more of who I were, than I gain of the man I discovered. Prison makes you feel small, alone and forgotten about. So in return, you tend to protect yourself by inserting you pride and saying - "Fuck the outside world." You become divided with the thoughts processed along the lines of society and where you find common ground. That's why most individuals who do a number of years in prison become repeat offenders. Because they fail to cope with the free world. This put you in the chains of a mental bondage, that's warden(ed) by the very thoughts that sentence you into a prison of mental bondage that last longer than a lifetime. So ask yourself—how much correcting and rehabilitating is happening in prisons across the nation? What the legislators call reform—is misguided—it's called P.T.S.D.

Author: Scott, Jovon

Author Location: Illinois

Date: March 19, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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