Prison is a cold place to be




1-16-20 page 1 Hey. Prison is a cold place to be. I hate myself for coming here. I pray God give me a brake. I will never do what I did to come again. This is for losers only.. I wake up sometimes like this is not justice. Police tryed time after time. to write me up for things I never did. They are each other witness. Inmate are always wrong never right. at whatever the case. I been groped and beat by c/o's. Their is a place called the Hole. Anything go in their you get jumpped by poice. You have no say so in prison. You try to rehabilitate yourself and it's the hardest thing ever. Their is no help. Nobody see inmates are human we are nothing but a paycheck or a object to take your anger out on. Seriously I just want to put a end to all this misery, pain to end. Whatever I gotta do to end. I am willing to cut the lights off.

Author: Earl

Author Location: No information

Date: January 16, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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