Reflections from the cement coffin June 21, 2013

Nobody (California)



Reflections from the Cement Coffin (June 21, 2013-- Friday--Roughly 2:49 A.M.) I think it was early Wednesday morning that I shifted perceptions from the experiences with the inner world of the sleeping [Laot's?] subconscious mind being visits to the perceived visits simply being one of the ways she communicates with me. It seems the perceptual shifts was confirmed through Robert my light body on the mini-yard that very same morning when he referred to the dream world as the landfill of conversations where the dumping of our thoughts occur. I immediately perceived the conversation to be my light body reciprocating and telling me that communicating is exactly what she and I are doing during the experience with the inner world of her subconscious mind. This may be a good illustration of the duality/contrast of the moral necessity needing to continue to exist despite the reconciling of the duality .What appears to possibly compel these reflections is the communication I experienced with the sleeping lady in the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind. I opened my eyes at roughly 11:00 P.M. Last night after laying down to rest a little after 10:00 P.M. I had really laid down to listen to reflections move in my mind which appears to be the equivalent of listening to my light body communicate with me. The true intent of the pronoun "I" would seem to personify the united consciousness between the sleeping lady (light body) and I that I am implying here. I think of the distinction between the effective (regenerative) intent inherent in the profound "I" as the divine-principled being "I" and the limited ideological being "I." The former "I" is conducive to the consciousness of/that I am the world and the members in it just as the world and all the members in it am I. However, the latter is conducive to the dark consciousness of me versus them and them versus me. The ideological "I" perceives itself to have domination over the world and the members in it as opposed to with the world and the members in it. The ideological "I" seeks control over the world and members in it as opposed to control with the world and the members in it. This is the clearer perception of the pronoun "I" it seems I have been intending to grasp all along. But if the divine-principled intent of the pronoun "I" personifies the writing of my consciousness and the consciousness of the light body, then it would seem to have been impossible for me to more clearly grasp- to more clearly perceive the pronoun "I" until the united states consciousness begins to occur. These reflections then would appear to be my light body continuing to confirm that our two consciousness are being united and the parallel existence reconciled. This clearer perception of the pronoun "I" connects directly with the theory of independent thinking. (Roughly 5:50 A.M.) Let me back up and return to the experience of communicating with my light body in the inner world of my lightfoot's subconscious mind. What I recall of the experience is the strong emotional imagery and incoherent scenes- words value to my recollection yet vivid during the course of the experience. After laying down to rest- rather to listen to reflections move through my mind, I eventually drifted into a rest period but opened my eyes briefly a little after 11:00 P.M. My intention was to being to move through the Friday-Sunday segment of reflections on paper but I drifted back into the rest period to experience communication with the inner world of my lightbody's subconscious mind. What intrigues me about the experience is the strength of the emotional imagery I experienced during the course of the experience. The strong emotional imagery would appear to reflect, as well, the strength of the emotional intelligence being downloaded and communicated to me (in the uploading of my consciousness be my light body who is my higher power so a downloading of emotional intelligence by my higher power equals the uploading of my consciousness which is the strengthening and increased focus of my intention which then translated in the uploading of my light body's consciousness and a self-generating feedback loop appears to be activated in this way). The strength of the emotional intelligence being communicated to me would then appear to reflect or correspond with the depth of perceptual clarity I am now moving through on paper be virtue of these reflections I am exploring. The strength of the emotional intelligence I experienced makes me think of the energetic void of nothingness (zero point emotional field) pulling my perception on to deep levels of awareness. It seems the emotional imagery that I speak of are- is part of the process of the downloading of emotional intelligence and the corresponding uploading of consciousness. The value recollection of the discussions and visual images experienced compel me to move through the emotional intelligence on paper in order to gain more clarity as to the emotional intelligence downloaded. It is the vagueness of the experiences that seem to allow me to see this part of the communication process more clearly- the different degree of depth to which the emotional imagery speaks. (Roughly 4:54 P.M.) A movie came on the television this morning at 7:00 A.M. called Good Boy. When my cellmate told me there was moving coming on, it seemed like a strange and odd thing to do because I was in the middle of moving through reflections on paper relating to the downloading of emotional intelligence via emotional imagery. I really didn't pay too much attention to what he said and continued what I was doing. It was then at about 8:00 A.M.- A hour after he told me the moving was coming on that I asked him what the movie was about. He told me the movie was about talking dogs from another planet. I immediately regretted not watching the movie from the beginning but I was sure to watch the last hour of it. The possible connections seemed to speak more clearly to me then I had anticipated. The movie was basically about a small group of dogs consisting of different breeds who came to Earth to civilize the human race. Their mission was to do so before their female leader, the Great Dane, came to Earth to see whether or not the mission had been fulfilled. If the mission went unfulfilled, they would have to experience. A Earth recall which meant having to return to their home planet to experience the consequences of the failed mission. When the Great Dane appeared to Earth, she determined their mission was incomplete- that the behavior of the dogs had become influenced and corrupted by the uncivilized behavior of the human being as opposed to the behavior of the dogs becoming the dominant fact or in civilizing the human beings. The Great Dane determined that the heavier of the dogs had, to their own detriment, shifted to such a free that they had digressed or had devolved into a different species that the accustomed behavior on their home planets. The behavior of the dogs had become unruly and so much life that of humans that the dogs referred to remain on Earth as opposed to returning home to their planet. They became content with being the pets of human beings instead of desiring to be the transformational agent of the human being. The Great Dane allowed the dogs to remain on Earth but on one condition. They would have to give up their ability to talk. When the little boy discovered that his dog could no longer talk to him and teach him as he was doing, the little boy was disappointed because his desire was to continue to ask questions and learn more from the dog. There are a number connections between the underlying messages in the movie and the path I am experiencing that can be made, such as the connection between the dogs, their leader the Great Dane and the star system sirius, also known as the dog star. But it is the seemingly obvious connection to the transformation of this world that resonates strongly. An easy ay to translate the mission of the same group of dogs to civilize this world before the appearance of the Great Dane into the objective before us today is to consider that until we (i.e. the dogs) create the world of American exceptionalism on Mother Earth, the Kingdom of Heaven (i.e. the Great Dane) will not appear and determine that we have fulfilled our mission in this ideologically constructed world. The determination of the unfulfilled mission by the Great Dane may be reflected by the current conditions of this world in which currently exist. We have been existing like the dogs who lost their ability to communicate and to therefore comprehend our way forward out of this world. There was another interesting connection that resonated more strongly with some of the others. There was a scene that occurred before the little boy and the leader of the dogs was about to lay down and rest. The little boy watched from his bed as the dog walked repeated in a circle on his little doggie cushion several times before finally sitting down. The little boy asked the dog why he made the imaginary circles. That he was always curious to know what dogs did that. The dogs told him that he was creating a positive mind field for himself wonder to block out all negative thoughts. The scene made me think back to the experience I had with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind during which it seemed I observed particles moving fast in a circle. I considered the possibility of the communication to indicate that I was going in circles with the subject matter relating to the hypothetical separation of consciousness into particles. But now it seems reasonable to consider the indication may have been that what I am doing is helping to create a positive mind field by virtue of helping to deconstruct the negative mind field that this ideologically constructed world basically appears to be. The creating of the mind field necessitates a certain degree of repetitions it would seem. It would appear the effectiveness of creating a mind field has already been proven by virtue of the ideologically constructed mind field, hard-heartedness, cognitive dissonance, stubbornness and the inability to listen to sound logic [may?] simply be ways pf indicating being trapped in a negative mind field - the mind field is strengthen with each repetition of the elements constituting the ideological mind field - the appears to be what is taking place in the ideological religious establishment and to some degree in the school system - to the degree that the repeated ideology is resumed to be correct. The repetitions works having a great deal to do with the presumption. The degree of it correspondent with the strength of the mind field- whether the minefield be positive or negative- it is basically the uploading of consciousness that occurs the minefield is another way of thinking about a morphogenetic field or a bioenergetic field. But it would appear to be reasonable to consider that it is thought (i.e. emotional intelligence) which manifests itself as the reality we experience. To understand this is to work to transmit negative thought patterns- the movie about the talking dogs from another planet seems to not only be my light body confirming the reflections concerning the emotional imagery but also the connection with the Sirius Star System. It is said to be a vortex or a gateway into the energetic void of nothingness. (June 22, 2013- Saturday-Roughly 2:17 A.M.) It is now roughly 4:17 A.M. I just opened my eyes a short while ago from another experience with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind. I now consider these experiences to be a form of communication between my light body and I. Much of it is value to my recollection but what I am able to recall is riding in a vehicle. It seems that I was riding in the backseat of the car with a number of little children who were in the vehicle with me. There was a man in the front by himself doing the driving who appeared to be family related to me. I felt like him an the children had come picked me up from a prison. I was excited about the new adventure I was embarking on with my freedom from prison. We pulled over into a gas station mini-mart. I recall going into the store-- into the store with the man while the children remained in the car. He was buying something to drink for everyone but he also told the store clerk behind the counter that he wanted to buy a music c.d. for me. He asked me which one I wanted to get, but I wasn't sure it seems because I had been away in prison for so long and hadn't really heard any music. It appeared that he understood my dilemma and chose for me music c.d. by an artist named Nina Simone. He told me that her music was a combination of old and new and that I would like it. It was at this point that I opened my eyes. What is my light body intending to communicate with me? The connection that immediately comes to mind is the discussion I had with Dave and Robert about the unpredictability of the outside visible world necessitating the desire to understand concentrate focus on the mechanics of the process- of the thinking process of the inside invisible world. The connection to the experiences would appear to be me riding in the backseat of this vehicle with the children unsure of what music c.d. to get once we entered into the mini-mart. Riding in the vehicle would appear to represent me being a member in my own box/of my own body. The man choosing for me which c.d. to listen to would seem to represent my own united consciousness (i.e. intent) being a part of the reciprocal-symbolic thinking process helping to guide my path within my body with Nina Simone (i.e. emotional intelligence). The c.d. the man selected for me to listen to would appear to represent my intention to listen to the guidance of my light body. This would appear to be my light body once again bearing witness to the process of her awakening. The point in uploading consciousness of my light body is to call upon her guidance and assistance in helping to create a world in which there is no suffering. She appears to communicate this to me with the experience-- at least communicating her acknowledgment of this by virtue of the experience representing my intention to listen to her music. But there is also the connection to the discussion Robert brought up about the meaning of visionary leadership. One of the criteria he spoke of the ability of the visionary to understand that he/she is simply one of the many members that he/she seeks to become a visionary leader with me riding in the back of this vehicle would appear to represent me recognizing myself to be one of the many members existing inside my light body but also that my light body acknowledges me as one of the members inside her body. (Roughly 7:16 A.M.) Part of what was interesting to me about the experience with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind that occurred shortly before 4:17 A.M. - that I opened my eyes from shortly before 4:17 A.M. are the sequences that occurred prior to it. When I came back from chow yesterday evening, I watch the PBS news hour from six to seven. The synchronicity between the mass demonstration in Turkey and Brazil resonates strongly. Maybe the emotional intelligence of it had something to do with the mental fatigue it seemed I experience after the news report. It wasn't my first time seeing a news report on the demonstration in Brazil but the particular report I saw yesterday evening seemed to be longer and more in depth than the others. But its the statements made by one of the female citizens that continues to resonate strongly. She basically said that the peaceful demonstrations by the people are a good turn of events because the cause is just but that the energy being generated by the people appeared to be undisciplined and disorganized-- that the demonstrations needed for effective leadership to emerge in order to help cultivate the energy and direct it in a sustainable constructive manner. She didn't express the reflections in those exact words but the words I have used adequately describe the gist of what she said. I at first presumed the mental fatigue to be a result of the workout of on the mini-yard and then how deeply the shower afterwards had relaxed me but now I am considering the possibility of the emotional intelligence downloaded from the news report having at least significantly contributed to the mental fatigue I began to experience, if not the sole cause of it. Shortly after the news hour I drifted into a rest period. When I suddenly opened my eyes and checked the clock with was roughly 9:45 P.M. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what had happened. It seemed I was experiencing temporarily a time distortion. I was thinking that either the batteries in my clock went dad from 9:45 in the morning or that the clock was upside down and I was reading it wrong. I checked the clock to see if it was upside down but it wasn't. I couldn't understand where the seemingly missing time had gone to. It didn't seem possible that I had rested from a little after 7:00 P.M. until 9:45 P.M. I laid back down to try to make sense of it but quickly drifted into another period until roughly 10:30 P.M. I then got up and continued to move through the reflections of paper regarding connections to the movie about the talking dogs from another planet. I did so until about 12:30 A.M. and then laid back to listen until drifting into another rest period until I opened my eyes at about 11:30 A.M. I had another experiences communicating with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind. The emotional imagery-- the strength of it was the extent of my clear recollection. The vague visible images that I perceived during the experience compelled me to sit up on the bunk with my feet touching the ground. I was bent over at the waist with my elbows on my knees- face resting in my hands cupped together attempting to make some kind of sense of the images I had perceived yet were vague to my recollection. Reflections regarding the demonstrations in Brazil bean to move in my mind so I laid back down to listen. I then attempted to move through reflections on paper roughly 2:17 A.M. But I sat with pen in hand looking at the paper instead continuing to listen to reflections move in my mind. I ended up laying back down, entering into another rest period, having an experience and opening my eyes from it roughly at 4:17 A.M. It was the experience during which I rode-- was a member in the back of a vehicle with children. (Roughly 4:43 P.M.) It's now 5:31 P.M. I've just returned to the cell from chow. Either I exist inside my light body or I exist inside my dark body. These are the reflections my light body is now speaking to me. The reflections I had begun or was intending to begin moving through before I left out the cell to chow had to do with me being in my mind all day listening to my light body help me make clearer sense of the reflections I moved through on paper this morning. It seems the most important thing I did when considering how I should move on paper through the connections my light body was speaking to me is to admit that I really didn't know how. Whether I should do so aggressively, patiently, or in small segments just to be sure to make my way through the reflections. It was then that my light body provided me with the clarity I was reaching for. It would seem that my uncertain intention as to how to move forward through the reflections of paper would ave left me stuck and unsure in my mind until lI admitted to myself that I didn' t know. It would seem that my light body would have continued to reciprocate back to me an uncertain thinking process regarding the particular matter and if I had presumed to know although I really didn't the reciprocation perhaps would have led me no closer to the clarity. It would seem to be unreasonable to respect for my light body to provide me with guidance if I am unable to admit to myself that I need it. My light body reciprocated with clarity once I did. What I am now thinking is the importance of me being patient and respecting the process. What becomes clearer to me while in discussion with David and Robert on the mini-yard is that there are so many moving objects in this world whose trajectory is unpredictable is that the most we can hope to do is to gain understanding of the process which helps to determine the trajectory of object. For instance, an example of unpredictability would be the fatal car crash or the mass shooting. (Roughly 11:11 P.M.) I discontinued moving through reflections on paper because my cellmate, after making himself some tuna to eat, sat down on the toilet and began eating while talking to me about things I really had no interest in but, but I listened curious to see where the movement was leading. It wasn't long before he began to tell me about a movie called Snake Man or something like that. The movie was basically about a father who had special relationship with snaked who ended up, through a slow process of transformation, turning his daughter's boyfriend into a king cobra snake. He did so by pretending to treat his daughter's boyfriend for some kind of skin disease while secretly injecting the boyfriend with some kind of snake formula. After years of injections the boyfriend began to shed his skin like a snake before finally transforming into a king cobra and killing the father who created him. The daughter was aware of what her father was doing to her boyfriend but there was nothing she could do to stop the transformation. he then talked to me about another movie relating to transformation. It was called Jennifer. She and her male cousin lived together. Jennifer had the ability to transform into a cat and possessed special powers as a result. Her male cousin wanted to mate with her but Jennifer was in love with some other male figure so I suppose the storyline was somehow built around that. My cellmate didn't really elaborate much father before moving on to talk about something else. In both cases, it seemed to be my light body communicating with me through my cellmate confirming the importance of paying attention to the process of transformation. The transformation process would appear to be the same as the thinking process. In the case of the father transforming the daughter's boyfriend into a king cobra and the daughter being unable to stop the process-- including the death of her father-- the parallel appears to be to the current process I am experiencing with my light body. This father in the movie would seem to represent this ideologically constructed world and the daughter my light body and my developmental awareness the transformation of the boyfriend into the kind cobra. If I am not the king within my mind/ with my mind, then who is? It would have to be the ideological construct or the negative polarized emotional being which may shed light on the metaphorical nature of colonization or corporate take over. The death of the father meant the transformational rebirth or awakening of the boyfriend as king in/with his own ind. The intent of a man becoming the king or a woman becoming the queen in/with his/her own mind would appear to be the allegorical intent of the biblical character Jesus saying that his kingdom is not of this world but of the inner world. In other words, it is is from within that kings and queen create the kingdoms in which these exist and we shall know that there by the fruit it produces-- hence the object. The daughter in the movie representing my light body and not being able to anything to stop the transformation of her body into the kind cobra would appear to be the case due to the transformation representing the necessary process in order to experience the unification of consciousness with the light body. As in the case with the movie Jennifer, I am reminded of the roughly seven or eight year pen-pal relationship I experienced with a woman named Jennifer from roughly the year 2000 until 2007 or 2008. She had a connection with cats and was a deeply spiritually in-tuned woman. She is still a mystery to me. Her first response to my interest [spelling?] basically told me that I sounded like an intelligent man who had something to say and that if I behave myself, she would allow me to sit down and feast at there table of buffet. She got on my visitors list but she never did visit me physically. What she did do is tech me how to begin to understand myself. The books that she sent me to read played a significant role in helping to prepare me to engage the process I am currently experiencing. Shortly after she congratulated me for having accomplished my dream, she wrote me a dear John like letter stating that it was only meant for her to remain on Earth fora certain period of time and that she wasn't saying goodbye to me but that she would see me later. Jennifer had a much deeper intellect than I did. I think of it as her inner connectedness with her womanly intuition (i.e. light body) because she had her issues that she was dealing with attempting to more clearly understand as well. But obviously I had no way of genuinely comprehending the congratulations she gave me for having accomplished my dream. It would seem that she understood where the process [where?] was leading me to long before I did (i.e. a practical way of understanding how to facilitate transformation of this world). The simple parallel to the movie may be that I wanted to mate with Jennifer on the deeper levels her emotional intelligence was capable of continuing to take me to but that I had yet to evolve into the level of developmental awareness with which she truly desired to mate. It would seem to have both my light body communicating with me through Jennifer. Maybe cellmate telling me about the movie Jennifer is my light body communicating to me that I am now mating with her on the level she desires. The communication would seem to be a direct reciprocation to the reflections-- to the intent to focus on the important of comprehending the process. After my cellmate finished telling me about that two movies, I began watching the 7:00 movie called Blood Chocolate that I was intending to watch. It may be what compelled my cellmate to tell me about the other two movies or at least him doing so was synchronized with the movement. Blood Chocolate is a movie about werewolves-- which is essentially a movie about transformation-- about the process. At the very beginning of the movie the point consideration was made that when we are children we believe in magic, fairytales and methodologies. The consideration becomes even more interesting when added to it is the biblical admonishment that we must become like children in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven on Mother Earth. In other words, after ideological conditioning diminishes the potential of imagination and the sense of adventure with life, we must escape the domestication in order to regain in. Magic is imply another word model to describe the process of creativity with the thinking process- whether it be with the dark body or the light body. For me to not accept the ordinary nature of magic is for me to not accept the ordinary nature of my creative ability with my light body-- the fairytale/mythology many have ceased to believe in is the right now time existence of the kingdom of heaven on Mother Earth and our ability to get into that world. An interesting statement about werewolves has made in the movie by the character who was studying them via mythology and would discover their existence in the movie. He spoke of them from a metaphysical standpoint stating that werewolves mythologically personified the best in our human nature and the best in our animal nature. But this appears to be essentially what all werewolf movies are allegorically about the unreconciled parallel between the light and dark body. The leader of the werewolves made an interesting statement that continues to resonate. As soon as he said it-- my cellmate and I both said out loud to ourselves "that's hella deep." The statement is that it is not about family, it is about heritage. The heritage I think about of course is our diving heritage with each other. I drifted into a rest period before the movie even went off at roughly 9:00 P.M. I didn't open my eyes until a little before 11:00 P.M. I had opened my eyes after another experience communicating with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind. What I recall of it is riding in the back of a vehicle by myself that was being driven by a man. We were riding out in the middle of an extensive wide open expanse of farm land. The man was showing me the land and talking to me as if the land was his land. But he also kept repeat singing the phrase to a well known song that is vague to my recollection. The indication from the experience would appear to be that my light body is my mind and that my mind is the wide open expanse of farmland on which I live. Having the ability to cultivate the creation that is true and sincere to my heart. This is still connected to the importance of understanding the process. (Roughly 4:23 A.M.) June 23, 2013-- Sunday-- I keep having the communication experiences that I have spoken of as emotional imagery The strength and recollection of the experiences vary according to degree. I suppose the degree of the strength of the emotional imagery or the recollection of the images perceived visually determine the strength of the imprint or downloading of emotional intelligence. I suppose maybe a better way of thinking about these experiences with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind is to perceive them to be deeper experiences with the energetic void of nothingness or rather the emotional void of nothingness. (Roughly 10:36 A.M.) Just returned to the cell from the shower. After moving through the reflections on paper relating to the shift In applied perception from emotional imagery to emotional void of nothingness, I began to experience a heavy emotional ambivalence after morning chow until a short while before being let out of the cell to take a shower. I use the phraseology applied perception because I have long been aware of the perception of my communications with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind being experienced deep within the emotional void of nothingness. I utilized the perception a few times while in the hole at [avenal?] to describe some of the experiences I was having then during my rest period. However I have not applied the perception with any significant degree of consistency. This shift in applied perception would seem to be indicative as well of the contrasting parallel between the visible and invisible world having been reconciled. Of course that task is to continue to upload consciousness until this world reflects the reconciling. The emotional ambivalence I experienced this morning would appear to be or have been my light body confirming the shifts in applied perception. I wanted to continue moving through the reflections on paper after morning chow but I was unable to do so. The ambivalence became so heavy that I felt like crying to relieve the frustration but the tears wouldn't flow so I just had to suffer through it. But it seems reasonable to consider that, aside from compelling me to be patient and listen to reflections move in my mind when I would rather push aggressiveness through reflections, the emotional ambivalence is one of the indicators that I am traveling deep into the emotional void of nothingness. During the course of the ambivalence, I was compelled to connect the shift to a excerpt I had several years ago underlined in the book written by Ervin Laszlo titled "Science and the Akashic Field- An Integral Theory of Everything." What he writes seems to underscore the nature of my experiences during rest periods as well. When thinking about cosmic consciousness, he writes, "Stanislav Grof found that in deeply altered states of consciousness, many people experience a kind of consciousness that appears to be that of the universe itself. This most remarkable of altered state experiences surfaces in individuals who are committed to the quest of apprehending the ultimate groups of existence. When the seekers comes close to attaining their goal, their description of what they regard as the supreme principle of existence are strikingly similar. They describe what they experience as an immense and unfathomable field of consciousness endowed with infinite intelligence and creative power. The field of cosmic consciousness they experience is a cosmic emptiness- a void. Yet, paradoxically, it is also an essential fullness. Although it does not feature anything in a concretely manifest form, it contains all of existence in potential. The vacuum they experience is a plenum: nothing is missing in it. It is the ultimate source of existence, the cradle of all being. It is pregnant with the possibility of everything there is. The phenomenal world is its creation: the realization and concretization of its inherent potential" (Pgs 119, 120). "Thus, the evidence for cosmic consciousness is not entirely indirect; it has an experiential basis. Combining the implications of the informed universe with the testimonies of altered-state experience we can state- more exactly, restate- the likeliest story. The original statement is thousands of years old. According to the ancient cosmologies the universe's undifferentiated, all encompassing consciousness separates off from its primordial unite and becomes localized in particular structures of matter . . . " (pgs 120, 121). (Roughly 4:14 P.M.) I began this three day segment of reflection early Friday morning by thinking in terms of the experiences that occur during rest periods being a form of communicating with the sleeping lady in the inner world of the sleeping lady's subconscious mind. I considered it to be an example of the duality of the moral necessity needing to continue to exist despite the reconciling of the duality. I have been more confidently saying that through the terminology of communicating with the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind. I should rather say the experiences allow a deeper form of communication with my light body in the inner world of my light body's subconscious min. The shirt in terminology/perception seems important because it allows me to see the parallel existence of my light body as well. If I am communicating with my light body in the inner world of my light body's subconscious mind, the indication would appear to be that my light body (micro) has existence within her own mind (macro). Her micro existence would seem to be personified by the visible being in which I exist with her macro existence being the consciousness of Mother Earth or the visible world in which my visible being (vessel) exist. The reflection I jotted down yesterday seems to fit in perfectly right here. I am able to experience the consciousness of this world through my micro light body (organism). This would appear to be possible for me to do due to my micro light body essentially being parallel with the light body of this world. Another way to think of this is to consider the possibility that the thinking process of my light body (micro) is parallel with the thinking process of Mother Earth's consciousness. It is the reconciling of this parallel that would appear to make it possible for the reciprocal symbolic relationship I have with my micro light body. As a result of it make it possible for me to upload the consciousness of Mother Earth. Or at least to facilitate the uploading of the consciousness of Mother Earth. This parallel existence between my micro light body and the consciousness of Mother Earth would appear to be underscored by the reflections within the excerpt, "According to the Ancient Cosmologies the universe's undifferentiated, all encompassing consciousness separates off form its primordial unity and becomes localized in particular structures of matter." This is another way of saying that consciousness separates into particles of consciousness in order to manifest itself as a physical/visible reality. (Roughly 6:18 P.M.).

Author: Nobody (California)

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 17 pages

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